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Enterprise Architecture

IT driven Products and Process are key success factors for organizations in information intensive industries.  The value provided by these IT assets needs to be leveraged across the organization in a cost effective manner.  We help our partners execute a set of simple steps to arrive at Data, Application, and Technology Architectures that enable and support their Business Architecture.

Solution Selection

The breath of commercial and open source solutions makes selecting tools needed by your business a time consuming and error prone endeavor. Based on a proven selection process we help customers acquire and deploy essential technology assets.   Our solution selection process successfully brings all stakeholders in your organization to the appropriate decision by ensuring that all business and technology drivers are analyzed, communicated, and thoroughly documented.

Business Process Management

Business and regulatory pressures dictate constant change. Nonetheless, many business processes embed decisions, calculations, and information flows within applications. In order for IT to support change in these processes they must develop, test, and release complete applications creating a mismatch between the speed at which these processes change, and the speed at which IT builds or modifies supporting applications.

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